Elemental Expressions of Embodiment


Debby Carrigan is a performance artist, Thai Yoga Therapist, and Yoga instructor.   Debby’s thirst for knowledge has taken her on a spiraling journey and integration of dance, healing, and movement.  She has found that embracing each of the elements with mindfulness, we come closer to walking in the brightest expression of ourselves.

Debby CarriganDebby Carrigan began dancing at the age of 7, learning Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. Throughout her adolescence she became comfortable and remained onstage in both dance and theater. Her passion for movement as well as the arts led her to Florida State University where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with an emphasis on Dance in 2000.

Spiral In

Debby’s introduction to Yoga occurred during her studies at Florida State in 1998. She immediately fell in love with this ancient healing art (science) and began practicing as well as studying Yoga regularly. In 2001, Debby followed her impulse to explore,  and moved to Santa Cruz, California where she began teaching Yoga. Shortly after receiving her PI-YO  (Pilates-Yoga) certification, she also became an IFPA Certified (International Fitness Professional Association) fitness trainer.  She enjoyed working with clients not only on the gym floor, but also in assisting with their general health and daily nutrition, creating meal plans and basic wellness regimens, ultimately guiding their path to health.

Written in the stars, and in her DNA, following a path to wellness, and teaching others came very natural for Debby.   Her mother, a teacher in the school system for 35 years, and her father, a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncture Physician of 30 years. In addition to his practice, her father  taught Traditional Chinese Medicine for several years at Sheridan Medical Institute in South Florida.  She is blessed to have had a profound wealth of knowledge, otherwise known as ‘Dad’ to inspire her path in alternative healing.

Spiral Out

Serendipitously, in 2005,  Debby found the Vedic Conservatory, learning Thai-Yoga massage. Throughout the next few years Debby studied with Vedic Conservatory Founder, Michael Buck. Her awe and appreciation for this ancient healing technique expanded Debby’s  inherent understanding of healing, movement, and our body’s call for wellness!

She was also inspired to study several different yoga disciplines such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, and Anusara Yoga.  To add to her already strong knowledge base of Yoga, in 2007, she became Sivananda Certified,  and thereby recognized as a Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor.

While riding the spiral on her path with wellness,  much came to a halt when she was introduced to the most alluring of all the elements….Fire.
Captivating her to the core, she began playing with, learning, and dancing with this potent element.

What started as a simple love of fire Poi spiraled out to a multi fire-prop love affair, and a continued passion for the Alchemy of each.
Dance. Yoga. Movement.